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Fina Cosimo - Precision is our field

For over twenty years, the company Fina Cosimo Ltd. deals with construction of facilities for the testing and revision of pressure vessels, tanks, cylinder trucks and beetles, serving a wide clientele all over Italy; the firm is qualified in 1996 with the ISO 9002 and is waiting to get the ISO 9001.

The processes that are executed are the following:
  • test equipment pressure compressed gases and dissolved with sandblasting and painting of the same;
  • Construction of cylinder packs of each type of gas with relative painting;
  • revision of tankers and beetles;
  • construction of units for cylinder trucks and tanks in general.

Also, inside the company it has the following departments:
  • carpentry;
  • Turning mechanics;
  • laboratory for testing of materials; Ultrasound for cracks or broken cracking, test thickness, machines for testing Brinell hardness of the steel usually up to 7000 kg., use hardness testers WOLPERT